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Ajit was a cricketer too. An off-spinner who played Division A cricket for Jolly Cricketers. He was 10 years elder to Sachin. For us Sachin is Sachin, but for Ajit he has always been his young brother. And like most younger brothers do, Sachin has looked up to Ajit.

Ajit however knew that Sachin did not have to be like him. He had a unique quality of his own. Sachin was only 11 when Ajit took him to Achrekar. The little boy was obviously nervous and did not perform up to his calibre.

Ajit then asked Achrekar to move away from the nets and watch from a distance so that Sachin does not get conscious. It worked. Ajit had found a gem and Achrekar polished it further.

Ajit decided to give up his dream of becoming a cricketer and chose to live it through his younger brother. The younger brother who one day would achieve God-like status in his country and would go on to be declared the greatest ever to grace the game.


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