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Sanjay Gupta, MD was a neurosurgeon at the University of Tennessee's Semmes-Murphy Clinic, and before that, the University of Michigan Medical Center.

 He became partner of the Great Lakes Brain and Spine Center Institute in 2000. In 1997 he was chosen as a White House fellow, one of only 15 fellows appointed, and served as special advisor to first lady Hillary Clinton.


Interview with Sanjay Gupta

Tell me about yourself?

Little Bit Background history but I will not keep it too long

My name is Sanjay Gupta having 46+ years of age, I was born in Jhansi, India and moved to Meerut, India, when I was some 8-9 years of age. So my childhood was spent in Meerut though my early kids’ years spent in Jhansi and grown-up missing Jhansi. I was ordinary person living ordinary life, I consider my self king of finance and expert in shares and mutual fund investing. You ask WHY? In the year 1995, I invested Rs. 50,000 in some shares.

In the year 2010, the value of these shares was above 12 lakhs. I have ICICI Bank shares purchased at Rs. 23 with a face value of Rs. 10, without the split. I have purchased UTI Bank shares (some 600 of them) at Rs. 69 (UTI Bank is now called AXIS Bank). It was also at the face value of Rs. 10 without split. And we enjoy great dividends for all these years. So what I am trying to tell you? Investing is not rocket science. Anyone can learn it. But you need to have patience to hold on your shares. I am having more then 25 years of investing experience, that is a fun part of my life.

 But my life was filled with problems as well. Problem got started from 2004, and was on peak in the year 2008. When I was blamed for everything that went wrong, so ultimately from 2008 to 2012. I was living a depressed life and past thoughts was flourishing my mind. I am sharing vast knowledge I have acquired which life has taught me, (different complexities of human behavior specially in bad times), In my books, you will find out only things which worked, which I have used to come winner from depression.

I have enjoyed a long career working as an IT professional with company like Churchill (now RBS), Fidelity, Mindtree, IBT. Currently, I am not working in any company as I have quit my job. I am sharing my life experience & lessons that life has taught from time to time, through my books. I will be highly surprised, if you implemented the concepts I have shared, not able to bring any changes in your destiny, develop patience, your destiny will change in NEXT 4-5 years

What are you working on next?

I am writing another book, to specially highlight points which made me RICH using investments.

What do your fans mean to you?

I want to put smiles on face of my fans, GOD has made them to be happy and rich but most people suffer! through this book I am sharing everything I know that made me Winner from ordinary, suicidal thought individual. There is not enough time to experiment and learn every things on its own.

At times failures can be very costly and time consuming too, so, I thought of connecting fans through this book, I am sharing my learning with world, here I asking people to learn from my failures and rich experience I have gained. GOD BLESS...

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

My GOD, My Dreams! My Goals, My achievements, My Family, My Book Reading Habit...

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

My name is Sanjay Gupta having 41+ years of age, I was born in Jhansi (U.P) and moved to Meerut (U.P) when I was some 8-9 years of age, so my childhood spend in Meerut though my early kids' years was spend in Jhansi and grown-up missing Jhansi anyway I was living with two siblings in Meerut but both died, one my elder brother was polio affected;

his life was limited to wheel chair so he was not able to go to places where I was, but his confidence was extremely high and was ready to challenge the impossible but he was not able to defeat his death though he was very successful in running Kirana store (small department store) beside our house in Meerut, I remember, he use to say "Sanju (my pet name), do what you love doing, and don't do anything to please family, which you don't love doing" he want to say something more to me. I look up to the sky and talk to him. What I wouldn't give to hear him talk back.

I miss his voice, I miss his laughter, I miss everything about him, really, he was a good motivator for me, he was always there in my bad day but he is not alive to see my good days and my opulent life though he is blessing me from haven and visualizing my success from second sibling was my younger sister she was some five years younger to me, she was full of life and want to live every moment of life, I remembered that when she heard the news of her chronic renal failure and that she can't survive more than six month, she continually started crying and told me that.

"Bhagya, may Marna nashi chapati, much bacha lo" I felt so helpless that I can't do anything to save her life, she was found of new cloths and love shopping, that time I can't fulfill her wishes, hope she is alive today; I can shop for lacks for her but truth is she is not with me, we were not poor but driven by poverty thoughts.

I have failed so many times, but developed never give up attitude and my investments exploded for me, so through my books I will sharing my formula of getting RICH basically my writing got influenced with my deep desire to help people and book is the best medium!

What's the story behind your latest book?

My deep desire to HELP people, so through my book I am sharing, formula of FINANCIAL FREE DEBT free life!

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?

Studying other writers books, as their are so many beautiful books, which still needs to be read by me!

Who are your favorite authors?

Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohm, Jack Canfield (Author, motivational speaker, life coach)

How do you discover the eBooks you read?

First I google books, (never go for best selling books or recommendations by retailers) then I read description of book and about Author, if it motivates me then I purchase that book.

When did you first start writing?

from Year 2010 onward.

Published 2019-08-19.

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