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Santosh K. Gupta, 1977 born; MDI Gurgaon, BIT Sindri, and St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi educated, is an oil industry professional and a happy writer who writes for the hero in you.

He has rich multicultural and cross-segmental experiences. He is from many places because of his considerable time spent in different parts of India. He draws his minute observations from within the society and pens down with the sole purpose to make it a better place to live and grow; to love and be loved; to try and excel. His fictions are primarily for college goers, Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Teachers, Home-makers, working people, other professionals and future entrepreneurs who want to make a level difference.

It took him 5 complete years to create “Big Dream of a Small Town”. It is an engrossing saga of love and rise spanning seamlessly through two generations. It’s a 3 hrs rollercoaster for the mass and is not confined to any class.

This creation is more than a fiction and even a fiction draws its inspiration from some real life experiences. It would hammer your thoughts against set rules and persuade you to unlearn few beliefs and rewrite them to find the true goal, the true meaning of your journey called life.


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