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Son of a journalist and a teacher, Sam Mukherjee grew up surrounded by books and developed a lifelong passion for words and their impact. Sam s first novel, Chopped Green Chillies in Vanilla Ice Cream, was released in 2011, followed by In the Name of Love (2012).

Currently, he is a Speechwriter for a Canadian Senator and lives in Toronto with his wife, Savita and son, Rohin. Sam s passion for sports has drawn him into travelling around the world for important sporting events such as the Australian Open, the Olympics, and Formula One racing and his love of flying has taken him in a Beech craft over Mt. Everest, in a sea plane in the Pacific Northwest, in a helicopter across the Australian Gold Coast, and parasailing in Thailand. Other books by Sam Mukherjee include:

Chopped Green Chillies in Vanilla Ice Cream and In The Name Of Love. Sam can be reached at sam@sammukherjee. com


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