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John Summer, born in a collective world of chaos,peace loving devotees and artistic enthusiastics, sets a course of vision for himself to bring all people together who are lost in some kind of turmoil knowingly or unknowingly. A ardent fan of mythology , adventurous folk tales and old historic books- the author wants the others to see the same way. Being youngest in the family , he has clearly set a strong foothold to stop at nothing but live in a harmonious society. Living in a fast growing -where the marriage between human and technology is more evident than man and woman and the self destruction of own environment which is at critical point. The author wishes to make a collective effort to save those who are closest:no matter how small the contribution is during our lifetime will make a leaping effect in our future. The words of renowned speaker may get lost in time but the action taken because of those words by our future generation is the difference the author wishes to continue. It doesn't matter in which form one wishes to make a difference ,it may be through books,films,plays etc but our endurance to reach there is all one needs to setforth.


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