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Sylvain Runberg born in 1971, devide his time between Stockholm, Provence and Paris. Holder of a diploma in Plastic Arts and an MA in Political History. His first book was launched in 2004 and since then Sylvain Runberg has more than 70 comic books published by the largest Frenchspeaking publishers and is now translated into 18 languages, already sold in total over 1 million copies worldwide.

Very quickly spotted as one of the most talented scenario writers of his generation, Sylvain Runberg is characterised by the variety of the worlds that he creates, the author not liking to be confined to any particular genre and dipping into his own experiences, history or contemporary reality in order to develop his narratives: science fiction ("Orbital", "Warship Jolly Roger"), psychological thrillers ("Trahie"), horror/supernatural (“Sonar”, "Le Chant des Runes"), fantasy ("Konungar"), crime story ("Trahie", "Infiltrés"), all characterised by his concern for realism, whether a question of real or imaginary worlds.

Sylvain Runberg has also adapt the Larsson trilogy’s “Millennium”/"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" into graphic novel with the illustrators Homs and Man and published by Dupuis, 6 volumes acclaimed by the French and Europeans national medias and already published in 13 others countries.

Sylvain Runberg is currently working on several new projects that will be published in the years to come, in Europe and U.S., comics, graphic novels and TV series, and he’s also writing the sequel of the Stieg Larsson trilogy “Millenium”, “Millenium Saga’ with the illustrator Belen Ortega, a story taking place in Sweden nowadays, after the third novel, and created by Sylvain Runberg himself, a worldwide exclusivity project.


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