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Sarika Singh is a teacher and trainer for creative poetry writing. She is a management professional blessed with a creative mind, a dedication for poetry and a natural flair for communicating with children. Sarika hails from Jammu & Kashmir where she had her education and early professional career. Nourished by the creative soils of India and always spellbound by the power of language and the pen, she has been inking her thoughts as poems since she was very young.

Her passion for poetry motivated her to begin Creative Poetry Writing workshops for children - something she has been pursuing for over a decade now. Children who thought they could not write or have an interest in poetry, churn out wonderful poems at her fun-filled sessions. She has completed Business English from University of Cambridge ESOL and has worked in the editorial wing of Encyclopedia Britannica.

As an active member of Poetry Society Australia and Poet and Critic, she is currently based in New Delhi, India, where she conducts creative workshops for children under her flagpost, Myraid Resources Pvt Ltd. She believes that creating poetry is not only therapeutic but also improves a child's overall writing ability and opens him to a world of self-expression. Sarika can be reached at


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