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The journey of a culinary writer begins from 2011 when she started penning down ' swetawriter' her collection of favorite recipes. She started sharing her favorite recipes with friends. Gradually her blog became popular with readers and food lovers. She came up with her e book' Beginners in Indian recipes' on 2012. Her journey expanded when she penned down her big budget bonanza ' Magical tiffin box' with Leadstart Publishing which came as a paperback in 2015. The e version was already popular amongst the readers.

She believes that cooking is a chemistry. Love and passion for good food are the two pre-requisites for a good food. Her articles have been cherished, followed and praised by her followers. They wish her best of luck and wish that the journey of a food writer can be prolonged till her last breath.

The writer is Sweta Chakraborty, born in Kolkata and a foodie. Readers please enjoy her books and recipes as well. She will be open towards your feedback.


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