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Tirso Habla Gaon Gamba is of batch 2008 graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physics. At present, he is a Senior High School teacher teaching Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person in GNHS. He is an adventurous person with jolly dispositions in life.

He is a fashionable type of a person that he expresses through his colorful hair. He is a witty person that gives color to one’s language and inspires him to write anything that comes in his mind. In fact, he is one of the authors of the two anthology books, the Potion for the Passionate and Winter’s Ambivalence under Ukiyoto Publishing.

Writing is one of his hobbies to make his everyday life more meaningful and productive. The author is living with his family in the fantastic town of Gubat, a simple but amazing province in Sorsogon, from one of the adorable countries in Asia, the pearl of the orient sea - Philippines.


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