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Ruchi Khanna is an Author, Astrologer, Therapist and Teacher living in Mumbai.

She works independently in Mumbai and is also affiliated with Dubai and Pune’s premier mind, body, energy healing center, Illuminations. Ruchi empowers her clients using Astrological Life Coaching and her own signature technique – Immersive Therapy. Her innate curiosity in the metaphysical sciences has led her to study and research extensively on the subject and she now uses her journalistic training as a writer to pen metaphysical fiction and non-fiction books.

Ruchi went through an awakening at the age of 29, prior to which she headed a television production house in Dubai. Her not so accidental introduction to the world of energy during her Saturn return made her stop in her tracks and she shifted gears to study the metaphysical sciences and continues to be a student of consciousness.

Ruchi is a firm believer in ‘the bigger picture’ and is growing everyday into the understanding of how each one of us, on Earth, is here to live out our highest potential, which in turn helps the world around us. We are doing a service to each other by simply living our TRUTH and it is this message, which she aims to share with the world, in her private sessions, group classes, novels and books.

‘The Girl in Red’ is her first Novel. It is the story of a woman, in search of her truth. The story highlights how we can all live our highest destiny, when we start accepting who we are and what we are here to do.

The story has a spiritual/metaphysical element to it, which brings to light our eternal connection to divine consciousness.

It is Ruchi’s desire to empower more and more people to fall in love with themselves and their life. The acceptance of who we are sets us free and freedom is our divine right.


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