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Purva Grover is a best-selling author, international journalist & editor, TEDx Speaker, award-winning playwright & stage director, published poetess, storyteller, spoken word artist, and creative entrepreneur. She is the founder-editor of The Indian Trumpet, a digital magazine for Indian expats.

She made her debut as an author with The Trees Told Me So (2017); a book of short stories, it draws a poignant picture of love, life and loss with an honest voice. Her second title, It was the year 2020 (2021); a fragmentary novel set in real-time, it dares to speak of the pandemic, waiting to take over our lives, or whatever little is left of it.

She is backed with a postgraduate degree in mass communication and literature, and is addicted to the idea of penning down tales to discover her favourite word. Born & brought up in colourful-chaotic India, she writes in English and resides in Dubai, UAE.


Facebook: @groverpurva

Twitter: @purvagrover

Instagram: @purvagr


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