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These fun science stories have been specially written for younger school-going children. The narration uses everyday incidents and situations all children are familiar with, to demonstrate various scientific facts through fun experiments. These virtually zero-expenditure experiments have been tried and tested, and can be done by children both at home and school, on their own. In keeping with new-age learning, these stories seek to inculcate a scientific view and temperament in young minds. Many seemingly difficult scientific concepts and phenomena have been explained in simple language. Children, with their bright and inquisitive minds, will love reading these amusing stories and performing the innovative experiments. Rajiv has consistently worked for children. He writes, teaches, trains teachers, and counsels parents. He has traveled extensively in the course of his work with various NGOs and UNICEF; and as a freelance journalist. He has also taught students and teachers in the remote, tribal areas of Maharashtra, India. His innovative methods emanate from his richly varied experience rather than from academic theories. Rajiv connects naturally through his stories, articles, seminars, workshops, and TV shows, as he joyfully reaches out to children. His life s purpose has and continues to be, the betterment of children; and caring for their emotional world. Whether teachers, parents, or caregivers, he demonstrates the unique knack of bringing out the child in each of us! His book, What A Wonderful World, was published in 2013.


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