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Cole Caigas has been an academic writer for 2 years under Livingston Research. Amidst her own academic duties, she has managed to make academic works of other students, her fellows, around the world. She has been a freelancer too for the past two years.

The academic writer's duties depend on the tasks that are given to them. She has been a writer since she began to be enlightened about the real world, about life, about humanity, sorrows and about loss, not only of hers, but also of other people. Further, she currently is a college graduating student, who is nearly obtaining her Bachelor's degree majoring in English Language. She also experienced writing journal articles and news when she was enrolled in Journalism course in her 2nd year in college, thus it bestowed her extra competence and knowledge about that field and helped her cultivate her writing skill. 

"In the second novel, Anita Roy Mandal evokes the woman’s situation in society. She enlightened us that self-dependent meaning what we learn is correct or we miss the real meaning behind self-dependent or self-reliant. Where she raised a question and asked society, who are working or housewives or politicians or CEOs etc. are self-dependent? The second novel’s name was “A Woman with 17-Adornment”. Her novels had been published on Amazon Kindle.

As an author, Anita Roy Mandal evokes social issues and she also hopes that her novels provide a positive message to society.


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