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Prity Subramanyam, a loving wife to a loving husband, Director of Autonetic Software Technologies Pvt Ltd and an Author…

She did her Bachelors in commerce and Masters in Computer Management. She worked for three years as a Business Analyst in a corporate environment, doing majorly research cum analysis. She now works as a Director in a Software Company founded by her husband and is helping him follow his dream.

She loves to write fiction and her short stories and poems have been published in magazines and books. Her story, “Love They Neighbour” from book 25 Strokes of Kindness has been praised by many. Her short story “The Opposite of Love” is featured in Life Sundae published by BSC Publishers. “The Heroes“, a story very close to her heart, is being featured in an anthology Mighty Thoughts, published by Sanmati Publishers. This story is also special to her as the book features her father’s debut story, side by side.


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