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Sunil 'Aditya' is well known for his debut book ANTARMAN:YATRA ANANT, which got thunderous acclamation from critics for the magical flow of emotions in his stories. The key factor behind this is his journey of life, starting from early childhood enjoying village life, to the city life, he is presently living in. Obviously, he has a variety of things to convey.

He has experienced human emotions through different spheres of his life i.e. from being a theater artist in some prominent years of his life, to be an anchor, studying literature and computers along with representing his state Haryana in Martial Arts. Except Hindi, he knows Punjabi, Urdu and English also.

He doesn't write to just write, instead likes to write when it appeals to him deep down at heart and the feelings are overflowed with some real life incidents or emotions. According to him, stories are spread everywhere around us, we just pick them up as per our choice, and give wings with our words only.

He likes to write Love, Emotions, Relationships and bare Reality of Society.


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