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Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay was born on November 2, 1935 in Berhampur, Dhaka, in present day Bangladesh.

He is recognized as one of the finest writers of modern Bengali literature. His approach to writing is intelligent, sensitive and lively, yet always somewhat detached.

He began his writing career during West Bengal's turbulent 1960s with the debut of his novel Hamaoka startling its readers with the charm of its characters and its introspectiveness.

His characterizations of Jaco Prachi, Para par, Durbin, and Parthia stand out as true representatives of a time and place.

As a master story teller, Mukhopadhyay focuses more on the gradual revelation of his characters than on the narration of events.

His novels and short stories reveal an undercurrent of love and faith in humanity over human violence and aggression.

During his career he has experimented with detective fiction, and stories infused with a sense of surrealism. In addition to his fiction for adults, he has published fiction and science fiction for children.

He received the Sahitya Akademie Award in 1989 for his novel Monobaraminic. In 1975, his contribution to children's literature was recognized by the West Bengal Government with the Vidyasagar Parashar.

He is a three time winner of the Ananda Parashar and a recipient of the Balaka Parashar in 1988.The Library of Congress owns sixty-three titles by Sishen Mukhopadhyay including works in translation.


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