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Leena's poems talk about a travel into time be it walking into the past discovering one's heritage or about meeting in the next lifetime. Her thoughts also reflect what true intimacy is and also her deep insight into the wisdom of life. She also portrays the strength of a woman and how you need to be an idol that one can look upto. Her soulful words are a wonderful picturesque of Time reflecting the various aspects and shades of love and human life.

Priyalakshmi Gogoi

*Poetess, Assam, India.

*Moderator at Drukyul Writers Association, Bhutan.

*Recipient of 75th Literary Honor, 2021 jointly given by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy.

*Recipient of Honorary membership, The Gold Writers Award among others for her poetic excellence by Drukyul Writers Association, Bhutan.


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