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Mike is the author of Human Resource Management Made Easy and Handling Disciplinaries and Grievances in the Workplace published by Ukiyoto. After a long and fulfilling career in Human Resource Management, Mike spends his time divided between writing, providing advice to small community interest companies, and working part-time to help unemployed people obtain the skills and support necessary to get back to work.

Having now experienced the painful and debilitating Covid-19 and its aftereffects, Mike has devoted himself to helping others who have suffered long term, life threatening, life taking illnesses by donating all royalties from this book to charities that provide support to sufferers and their families.

1 First wife, mother of Keir and Liam and lifelong friend.

2 S is Stella, Maggie’s wife.

3 Friend

4 Our granddaughter

5 Brother

6 The Nazi German regime and occupiers of many nations were known for their brutal incarcerations and genocide of people for political, ethnic, religion, sexuality “reasons” and anything they felt didn’t fit their world view. Hostage prisoners in or from Norway were prisoners with certain societal connections such as with the Royal Family. The hostage title implies a threat to the higher echelons that the hostages were dispensable in the event of noncompliance.

7 Kung Foo International

8 Milgram, 1963

9 GMTV 02 August 2021


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