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Mayank Sharma was born in a small village of Rajasthan and completed his schooling from Nagda, an industrial town located in Madhya Pradesh, the 'Heart of India'. Being least interested in studies, he simultaneously started  working under various profiles. He is currently working as a freelance creative writer and has made his hobby; writing as his profession. Living by his statement 'Do what you feel and feel what you do'.

For the first time he found himself inclined towards writing at the age of 19 when he started writing poems. But still writing was just a hobby for him; however the coming time made him give writing a serious thought and thus the journey of the first novel began.

Execution was little tougher than the planning and subsequently made him nervous when he noticed that many writers have 'heavy degrees' inside their badge. With no intentions of getting fame or seeing his first novel published he began to write and time ahead made him a published author with the first novel being released in the year 2013 titled, 'A Cocktail of Love'.

Mirage is his second novel. You might often hear him speak as his favorite song goes 'words are all I have to take your heart away'.

He can be contacted at: [email protected]


Interview: Mayank Sharma

Q. Your facebook bio reads “A Nomad surfing through suburban streets of urban minds”, what can be an alternative introductory line for Mayank Sharma?

A clown to feed emotionally hungry souls

Q. Tell us about your book “Mirage”.

Mirage is the sequel to my first novel “A Cocktail of love”.

As the name says, it’s about being with someone/something that can’t be touched and felt. Mirage is the story of eternal love. It’s about how people can stay together despite distance (physical). The novel narrates that being physical (hugs/kisses/making love) isn’t vital for a relation to sustain or to express love. Love is far beyond the definitions and the norms that we the people of society have.

Q. Which part of the book did you like the most and who’s your favourite character?

Every single character in Mirage plays its role impeccably. I love each of them. Be it Rajeev and Shreya (can’t separate them), Abhimaan, Rajeev’s sister, family, and yes the ‘Racer’.

Q. You write poems both in English and in Hindi. How do you manage to switch? Which language soothes you the most?

I simply move with the flow. I pen down what I feel, and the way it sneaks outside. Never planned or thought about any poem before penning it.

I like English (mostly while writing dark poems) and Hindi ( for Romantic ones).

Q. Your poems have depth in the metaphors. Was there any particular childhood event that brought up the depth in your writings?

I believe the humans are still not that smart to write about something which isn’t around. Yes, there’s an event which still inspires me, and is part of almost all my poems.

Q. What do you do as your favourite pastime?

Writing is both my profession and pastime. However, apart from this, I like to travel, play the guitar, write songs, try to make some composition, watching movies, listening music.

It depends. I simply shuffle the nerves of my heart, whatever pops out, I go with it.

Q. What are your views on the current situation of Indian Literature?

I’ll be loyal. I have a lot of ‘writer/author’ friends on my list. I see what they write, share on their wall, talk about. Looking at them and their expertise, I don’t blame anyone.

Being good and bad is normal, perfection is a myth, but one must never put the gates off for learning. And at least, being a writer, one needs to learn a lot. I do read Indian writers, but nothing in romantic fiction (as they tag those sex oriented ‘mini-mastram’ novels.)

Q. How did you manage to take freelance writing profession as your full-time career? Was it a preplanned decision or it just happened one night?

Writing is my passion, I won’t be me without it. I love to learn new things, being in my own world and writing gives me that.

It was never preplanned, I tried numerous jobs. Starting from a counter salesman in 2007, to Executive Assistant to the Executive director for an Education management company. I worked as a teacher, and also as an individual to do govt. liaisoning.

After trying hands on almost everything, I concluded, Only writing can keep me happy.

Q. How is your job different from the mainstream writing?

I write about Angels, Demons, Humans, Love, Hatred, Feelings, and other topics that are linked to our day to day life.

But at the job I’m a technical writer, writing about the tech trends globally, and the impact of it on the society. So yes, there’s no comparison between the two. But again, as I said, I love to learn new things.

Q. What’s your wildest fantasy as a writer?

To find my inspiration and spend some time with her. Be with her for minutes, hours, days, months, years, or till we reach the horizon. That’s all.

Q. Any words for your readers?

Don’t just read for the sake of reading it. Every word has a meaning deeper than the ocean that can make you fly above the horizon. Try finding a space in that arena; I’m sure you’ll learn about the self and the characters in the story.

Apart from this, “Picture Abhi baaki hai mere dost” I’m still exploring myself and the following masterpiece. Maybe soon, I will pen down a story that’ll take you to the world we truly live in.

Q. How was your experience with Dipanshu Rawal: The Interviewer?

He is a humble, down to earth, modest guy. Passionate about work, and respects the value of time. Stay blessed bro…!!!

I wish Mayank Sharma, all the very best for his future endeavours ????

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