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Suresh Parshottamdas Dalal, born in 1932 in Mumbai, is one of the modern Gujarati's most versatile Gujarati authors. He has led a long and successful career in academia serving as the Head of Gujarati Department at S.N.D.T. University; Vice-chancellor at M.S. University in Baroda; and a "National Lecturer" for the University Grants Commission.

In addition he has served as Member, Advisory Board of Gujarati Sahitya Academy (1983-1987). He left academic life to establish Image Publications and Writings as his effort to promote Gujarati literary and cultural life. In addition to his publishing firm, he edits the Gujarati poetry journal Kavita and the literary quarterly Vivecana.

Dalal is an indefatigable devotee of poetry, but garners respect for his essays, lyrics and fiction. His poetry and other writings reflect a keen sense of observation coupled with a broad vision and understanding of human condition.

He is a recipient of such accolades as Gujarat Government Award (5 times) for his contribution to Gujarati literature and many other important literary awards.

The Library of Congress has more than one hundred and ten titles by and on him including Hastakshara, Kavitano ananda and Samvada as audio recordings.


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