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Abhishek Bhaskar Vichare is a keen learner who dreamt of running multiple businesses while growing up. At the young age of twenty-two, he took the first big step towards achieving that goal and founded Richmond India. What started as a small company dealing with real estate is now a diverse one engaged in the fields of agro foods, infrastructure, entertainment, education, retail, among others.
With a Master’s degree in Mobile and Satellite Communications from London University, he always had a natural love for creative arts. He takes inspiration from real life heroes and finds writing to be therapeutic. He is a keen observer and the characters he creates reflect his deep understanding of the world around him.
Born in Mumbai, and now well-known in the entrepreneurship world for his dedication and passion, he was awarded Times Men of the Year 2020 – Debutant Author. He was also presented the Lokmat Trendsetter Award for his diversified work in different sectors.


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