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Jatin Bharmani is a Human Resources (HR) professional with more than 12 years of professional experience and has worked with various Organisations. He founded Opteemize in 2011, which is a Human Resource Management Consulting firm. During the course of his career, Jatin has interacted with a number of individuals across strata Company MDs, Business heads, Department heads, Colleagues and Peons. Interaction among all levels made him realise that human beings are prone to various behaviours with subsequent actions. His detailed observations, interactions and experiences through his everyday contacts have helped him understand how and why people react and apply logic in different situations. One of the most common observations, of Jatin, across levels is that most of the people are not satisfied in their current situations. They are continually chasing money, success and fame, which they think can give them ultimate happiness. Although you may have the eagerness to earn money, fame and success, the means to earn the same is all the more important. And sometimes this eagerness to earn money becomes so important a desire that one adopts means that are against the Laws of Nature. And whenever you do anything against Nature you are bound to face the consequences. It is this thought that provoked the author to write humanshastrra that can create awareness among people about the Laws of Nature and how all of us can be inspired by the Unseen. Jatin has decided to donate 10 percent of his earnings, from the sale proceeds of this book, for charity to express his gratitude.


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