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For RAM HALADY, it all started as a hobby. He began writing entertaining stories for his nephews, Reuben and Andrew. It was a happy revelation for himself, that he could write short stories for children. It also provided him with a wonderful escape from his business and professional life as a consultant to a software company. Although Ram relocated from India to Chicago almost 20 years ago, he carried with him fond, childhood memories of visiting his uncles farm.

In each of us, there lives a child who longs to have adventures with unusual pets, but safe within the circle of a protective and loving family. Ram and his wife Jeanne, sometimes fantasize about settling on a farm in India, complete with a roaming elephant which the villagers would love to feed So Ram based his stories on a real family, at his imaginary farm in India right next to a forest where there was no shortage of animals or adventure. He put the children in charge of this world, assisted by animals that could communicate, especially with them.

This is Rams first attempt at writing and publishing a collection of short stories for children. In these tales, Reuben and Andrew visit their uncles farm;gain exposure to different animals in the course of their adventures and learn many things along the wayRam Halady can be reached at: haladyrj@yahoo.com


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