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Mantha Pavan is a young author who hails from a family of Judicial Officials. His grandfather Sri M. Sreedhara Rao was a District Judge and an author of many law books. Mantha Pavan completed his graduation as a Computer Science Engineer.

The passion for writing started in July 2021 all of sudden one day when he was sitting in his chair doing absolutely nothing and by December 2021 the author has written two lovely novels, “The Unpresented Gift,” and, “If it's you in the end, I will wait millennia,” both getting positives reviews from the readers. Mantha Pavan is interested in filmmaking, painting, crafting, acting and scriptwriting and had previously done some short films of his own.

Fiction, Love, Historical drama, Time travel, Suspense thrillers, Crime thrillers, Serial Killer thrillers, Rom-Com, Space and Multiverse are the works expected from the author in near future.


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