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RENA SINGH GHAI, an Arts graduate from Lucknow University, went on to do her Masters in Public Administration from San Jose State University, USA, where she was given charge of A.S. Publications and undertook Budget Analysis.

Rena started on the road to domain expertise in budgeting, as an intern student in the Office of Management and Budget at City Hall, San Jose. Then followed years of working as a Budget/Program Analyst (Civil Services), with the Office of Budget & Analysis, County of Santa Clara in San Jose, which gave Rena vast and in-depth exposure to the technicalities of Budgeting and Accounting.

Rena is the proud recipient of the Special Services Award and the Burton Brazil Scholarship, presented by the Department of Political Science, San Jose State University.

Also associated with the Bureau of Drug Abuse, Santa Clara County, San Jose, as a Prevention Program Analyst, Rena was in charge of management information systems and assisting with budgets there as well.

She currendy runs Green Ice Solutions-Digital Media, Solar and Budget Consulting, which offers managed solutions in the web-wap-mobile-ivr-graphics-content spaces.

Rena would be glad to receive your feedback on her work and can be reached at: [email protected].


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