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A social scientist, specialization in Human Relations and Industrial Communications, Mir Jaffar Imam has occupied senior executive positions in national and multinational firms and is on the board of several companies. Extensively travelled, his professional roots are deeply entrenched in the corporate world. An Industrial consultant by profession, he has a passion for Urdu and English literature, besides a keen interest in art and poetry.

A person deeply influenced by Sufism, he hails from the ruling family of Kamadhia, an erstwhile state in Gujarat and is a scion of H.H. Nawab Mir Jafur Alee Khan of Surat, Mirza Ghalib and the Mirs of Gujarat is his first book. At present he has embarked on a new project-a novel set in the Sultanate period. He lives in Mumbai.

Formerly a Reader in English at Delhi University, Dr. K.C. Kanda is imbued with a passion for poetry, be it in English or Urdu besides holding M.A. and PhD degrees in English from Nottingham (U.K.) and Punjab, he is also published nine books of Urdu poetry translated English, covering the various poetic genres: ghazal, nazm and rubai, both classical and modern, serious and humorous.

He has also translated the selected poetry of Mir Taqi Mir and Firaq Gorakhpuri. He is currently working on Mirza Ghalib-Selected Lyrics and Letters. In the sphere of English poetry, he has written the following books: An Anthology of English Poetry (Arnold Heinemann): The Two Worlds of Tennyson (Doaba), Tennyson's IN Memoriam (Sterling), and Browning's Selected Dramatic Monologues (Sterling), Dr. Kanda lives Delhi.


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