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Michael D. Watkins is the world's leading expert on accelerating leadership transitions. He is the author of the international bestseller The First 90 Days, which The Economist recognized as "The On-boarding bible."

Michael is a Co-founder of Genesis Advisers, a leadership development consultancy located in Massachusetts. Genesis Advisers (www.genesisadvisers.com) is the leading provider of on-boarding and transition acceleration services. Based on our the First 90 Days® research and our experience with Fortune 100 clients since 1999, our full array of consulting servicies, coaching processes, programs, virtual workshops, and self-guided materials help leaders at at every level of the leadership pipeline take charge more quickly and effectively.

Michael works closely with a gifted team at Genesis to assess client needs, and design and deliver the right transition solutions. He helps Genesis clients implement what we call Enterprise Transition Architectures™ - a common core framework and toolkit for accelerating transitions, cost-effectively delivered through First 90 Days coaching, programs, virtual workshops and self-guided materials to all levels.

In addition to his role at Genesis Advisers Michael gives speeches on leadership, organizational transformation, and transition acceleration to executive audiences, as well as designs and delivers senior executive team meetings, and coaches newly appointed senior executives and their teams during transitions.


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