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Ashmit Bhardwaj, a 15-year-old high school student is passionate about debating, speaking, writing, and putting forth his own views and opinions. His first book, “From traditional to modern feminism: A Shift of power, not values” voices his ideas that he has developed in observation of his environment and society at large. The young, creative mind loves articulating his thoughts in various forms such as jotting them to form a good read, narrating stories to entice emotions in the listeners/ readers, and many more. He feels that the incidents and occurrences around him have motivated him to ponder over them closely to the human sufferings. Calling himself, a traditional feminist, he perceives both the sexes, male and female, as equal, and his thoughts on glorifying promiscuity, wrecking the nuclear family unit, false victimhood narratives, modern gender theory, the steady societal and institutional feminisation of men are profoundly disseminated in this book. He plans on writing and publishing more books in the future as well. Apart from studying medicine in his advanced studies, Ashmit foresees himself amongst Ted Talk speakers and he is industriously working towards his goals.


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