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The adventurous journey of SONU DABRAL s life has taken her through the diverse fields of human resource management, education, translation and media, to arrive her desired destination creative writing. After Sonu graduated, she went on to do her MBA and followed it with a B.ed degree. However, she has long been a passionate and compulsive storyteller, doling out entertaining treats to her children, family and friends.

She tried her hand at writing exciting stories for children, ranging from an out-and-out Indian mystery series to modern fairy tales, short stories with subtle morals, to spooky stories suitable for young minds. Nevertheless, this is her maiden foray into writing a book for children.

Sonu has travelled extensively through India and currently lives in picturesque Goa. This is the first story in the KOOL-5 Mystery Series. The second being Mystery Of The Kung Fu Panda.



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