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Born in 1942 at Abohar (Punjab), Mohanlal Bhaskar started his career as a labourer and then as a newspaper boy. He did his M.A. B.Ed., joined the teaching profession and became Vice- Principal of Teachers Training Institute, Government of Sikkim. For a brief period he was editor of Dharka (1961), sub-editor of Gandiv Hindi Daily (1962) and editor of The Presto in 1965-66. Besides the autobiographical account of his undercover work in Pakistan,’Main Pakistan Mein Bharat ka Jasoos tha’ reissued in English under the title, An Indian Spy In Pakistan,he has written more than two hundred articles which were published in Dharam Yug, Dinman,The Sunday and other renowned news and feature magazines.

He has won positions in state and National Science Fairs and has been broadcasting articles and ghazals from Jallandhar Radio Station since 1962. He now lives in Ferozepur and runs a school.


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