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Giridhar Pai is a senior management professional currently advising a company and also guiding the Indian pest control industry. He studied Forestry and Horticulture at university, after which he started his career as a Food Safety Manager. He has spent most of his career in services, heading businesses for two-thirds of his twenty-year stint in the pest control industry.

Starting with online reviews, he has been writing for twenty years and initially used to share his content among family, friends, and acquaintances. He has been publishing on the professional networking site, LinkedIn, for the past five years, and is a leading Indian contributor on the site. He started publishing two online newsletters in 2019. The first, Times of Urbania, is a weekly community newsletter, which has now been compiled into the book, Life at Urbania. The second, PCO Mentor, is a weekly publication to assist pest control professionals across India.

Giridhar Pai’s forte is to find out and highlight matters that are not yet published. In his quest, he writes on a range of subjects including travel, religion, health, food, agriculture, ecology, management, and more.

He is an environmentalist, gardener, photographer, and traveler.

He lives at Thane with his wife and son.


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