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Dr. Bhavna Arora is a new-generation writer who is an avid learner from life. She is a young enthusiast who has two MBA degrees and a Doctorate from Pittsford University in Leadership to her credit.

A philanthropist at heart, she has been sponsoring an underprivileged boy's education. She also works closely with an institute for special children.

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Bhaavna Arora - Hottest E- Interview by an Author

Friday, November 1, 2019

Hottest E - Interview of this Millenium

Bhaavna Arora is the top rated well known Author of books, The Deliberate Sinner, Mistress of Honor,  Love Bi the Way and her latest flick

Bhaavna Arora fan following is growing exponentially, huge fan base on social media.

She brings freshness and energy in the field of business fiction and adaptable in her compositions. Bhaavna always booms the market by setting high standards along with her unique Bold style of writing. Being a 4th generation armed force kid, Bhaavna is the die hard Fan of our beloved Indian Army and furthermore a genuine nationalist. Infer able from this foundation she has had a vivid adolescence while growing up and concentrating in various urban areas.

Bhaavna originates from an academician foundation, having instructed at a main business college, before she changed to the field of writing. One of the writers who quit a full time lucrative job to pursue her fantasies and enthusiasm to be an Author. Maybe it was her affection for information that caused this switch. She needed to charm others in the manner that she lost all sense of direction in a parallel measurement while perusing.

Bhaavna is a vivacious young lady with differed interests likes sports, She loves Scooba diving, Horse riding.

She has an adoration for bicycles and automobiles, Bhaavna's most loved being her Audi TT Coupe, a Sporty set of wheels, that she additionally possesses. Bhaavna Aurora's all books are the mirror of her character and different musings as a cutting edge autonomous scholar. Bhaavna's unusual, yet solid sentiments are what make her an intriguing and balanced author.

Bhaavna Arora despises being a captive of the conventional.

She is a likewise a corporate mentor and prepares understudies and experts on Leadership. She has prepared Army experts at MILIT, Military Institute of Technology, Pune.

Subsequent to heading a MBA school in Bangalore as one of the most youngest chief for a couple of years she proceeded to satisfy her fantasy about being a creator. She keeps on being on the warning leading group of numerous Management Colleges.

She has widely voyage and concentrated the educational program of Harvard, MIT, Boston and numerous such Business Schools to plan and make a separated educational program for Krupanidhi Business School. She additionally exhibited a paper on the theme, "The Changing elements of Management Education scene in developing economies: The requirement for a substitute methodology" in Vienna Austria at ECBE (European Council of Business Education).

Her  book "The Deliberate Sinner" has gotten a lot of thankfulness from media and pundits. It was evaluated the third most read novel in India by improve 360. It was likewise evaluated as one of the most well known books on Amazon by Quartz India.

Donor on a basic level, she is supporting the training of an oppressed child for as long as eleven years. As indicated by NDTV source the all advance royalties from her book "Mistress of Honor" have been given for OROP movement.

Mistress of Honor was Launched in Dras sector on Kargil Diwas in 2015 by Lt Gen Hooda, Army administrator northern divison, The  First Female author who launched her book at 14000ft.

It shows her connectivity and the blood of Indian Army, every beat of her heart is belongs to Indian Army and for India.

She has been awarded as the most Promising Author of the year by BMA, Bangalore Management Association alongwith Narayan Murthy getting the Life time achievement award.

Her  book, "Love Bi the Way" has been named for Bisexuality award in New York, USA.

Passing by all the above she is a youthful, capable, flexible writer who is developing a long ways with each composing of hers.

MGQ1: Why Writing?

Bhaavna Arora -People reading you is always more intense than people listening to you in many ways. I like it intense. Writing gives me more freedom of expression and your audience is often sophisticated and critical.

MGQ2: Future/ambition of Bhaavna

Bhaavna Arora -  work in Bollywood or for Bollywood.

MGQ3: First Crush

Bhaavna Arora - I was a late bloomer but I had a crush on my Physics professor when I was in 11th grade.

MGQ4: Fvt. BOLLYWOOD movie?



Bhaavna Arora -

Bollywood:  Hamid, Zindagi na milegi dobara, masoom (1983),

And parts of dear Zindagi. The list is endless but these are top fav.

Hollywood: Shawshank redemption, Schindler’s list, The Imitation Game, The terminal, and The Green Mile

Series: Two and a half men, Game of thrones, Fauda, The spy

MGQ5: Fvt Bollywood Actor?

Bhaavna Arora -

FAkhtar, Ayushman Khurana & Shahrukh Khan

MGQ6: if you will get One day to live a life of someone, who would be?

Bhaavna Arora -

I’m extremely happy with my life. Most people would love to live the life I live. I’d not want anyone else’s life - not even for a day. I mean it.

MGQ7: Hindi writer's / Authors future?

Bhaavna Arora - Bright

MGQ8: Will you ever write a Hindi Book?

Bhaavna Arora -

I barely pass my Hindi board. It’s not something that I would really enjoy. I can blame it on our obsession with the English language but it’s too late now for me to go back and master Hindi.

Double Trouble Section

MGQ9: Amish Tripathi or Chetan Bhagat

Bhaavna Arora -

Chetan Bhagat to learn commercial aspect and Amish for his eloquence.

MGQ10 a) : Which city you like most?

10 b) Which city you wanna be there ASAP

Bhaavna Arora -

Any city by a clean beach. I’m totally a beach person. I can practically live in water.

ASAP: I’d love to visit Jamaica.

MGQ11: Love marriage or Ram Milaye Jodi

Bhaavna Arora -

Anything will work as long as the other partner understands the need for me to be free and participates in my freedom.

MGQ12:  Golgappe Pani puri or Chole Bhature ?

Bhaavna Arora - Chole Bhature. Thank you for reminding me - adding it to my menu today.

MGQ13: If you will get a chance to act in any Classic remake, your film n name of the character will be?

Bhaavna Arora -

The female version of Charlie Sheen in Two and a half men. I would name myself Charlie’s Angel. ????

Last MGQ 14 : Wine or Ganne ka juice?

Ganne ka juice anyday.

Bold n da Beautiful

Tough Enough Section

1. Have you check out any boy, when you were roaming with ur BF if exist

1a) what is the first thing you notice in a boy?

Yes! Of course and wondered if we could do a threesome. ????

I look at the man’s waist. It’s the first thing that I notice.

2) According to you who supposed to be the Best Kisser? Beared or clean shave

I like it bearded.

3) Big thing any boy done for you,

If he has a big thing then I’m happily done! ????

4) What do u think, really ek ladka aur ek ladki kbhi freind nhi ho skte ??

The guy always messes the friendship cause he is friends with you for a reason always.

5) Do u lk moral policing ?


6) Who will be ur hook up option, on imaginary grounds ???

I’m not specific for hook ups. I go with the flow. If I like a guy instinctively, I’d like to hook up.

All content is dedicated to Ms Bhaavna Arora alongwith Questions & Answer; From Indian Buzz, MastGyan Team

we are very thankful for her highness.

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