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Debashree Basak is a complete logophile at heart. An erstwhile Finance professional, who believes ‘Poetry’ is the fodder for her soul. She attempts to capture the eclectic Human and Nature’s emotions through her writings.

With umpteen literary accolades from myriad of renowned platforms she truly feels, her passionate journey of words has just begun. She has been a part of quite a few anthologies, wherein quite a few of her exemplary creations has been published.

When not reading/writing she spends most of her time cooking, baking, engrossed in fitness activities or traveling the world. She can often be found haunting local libraries as well.

Debashree currently lives in The USA with her husband, daughter, and an interminable to-do list. She has many more stories to tell and poetries to scribble before time runs out.

Find her on the web at where she displays her exquisite creations.


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