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Born in the year 1902, G.K. Pradhan became Vanijya Visharad from Gujrat Vidyapith. During his Vidyapith days, he had he the opportunity of getting into close touch with leaders and intellectuals in India.

He joined state service in Madhya Pradesh. He then gave up service and returned to Ahmedabad, to work as editor of an English magazine. Then he turned to business and experienced many vicissitudes in life.

With his varied experience, he met his guru and started on the spiritual path, whole-heartedly. The Master opened up a new page in his life book. Being an intellectual, and not a blind follower, many a problem that arose and questions that confronted him, were solved. This book narrates his experiences, the problems he faced and the solutions he found. He has interwoven the same beautifully in the life of madhav. He passed away in 1963 after he had completed and published the book.

To all those intellectuals who wish to pursue the spiritual path, this book will be of great help. Many problems and questions that confront seekers of truth are answered.


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