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She is an executive scholar from Kellogg School of Management, North-western University, Chicago, and holds an MBA degree in Marketing from Amity Business School. She was awarded the "Young women rising star" at World Women Leadership Congress 2014 and has won numerous awards and recognition in her corporate life including top 50 most talented brand builders of Asia, Asia Pacific Women business leadership award 2013 and Youth achievers award 2012.

Along with holding top notch positions in leading companies like BlackBerry, Airtel & AirAsia in the past thirteen years, she has also done extensive research in ancient scriptures. In her debut book, she uses certain hilarious, dramatic and enthralling experiences of a young girl to understand ‎the ultimate purpose of life – to be a better human with each passing day.

She loves to paint and dance and currently stays in Bangalore, India with her family. Amisha is also a motivational speaker and uses live interactions with a dash of comedy to drive her message.

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Interview with author Amisha Sethi

I interviewed Amisha Sethi, author of the book It Doesn't Hurt to be Nice. You can read the review of the book by visiting Book Review: It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice - Amisha Sethi

-- Interview with author Amisha Sethi --

Q: “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice” made you a published author, how does it feel now?

A: It feels great to be published. But more than published, it’s the feeling of gratification that I am able to spread the message of kindness and love to so many people and also the love and appreciation that I am getting back from the readers. The feeling is gorgeously beautiful!

Q: What made you finalize the title “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice”, what were other options?

A: Well The book is about the ultimate purpose of a human life and how materialistic gains don’t matter in a fulfilling and peaceful life. The basis of a beautiful life starts from being beautiful inside, being nice, being kind by heart and mind. And hence the title “It doesn’t hurt to be nice” I did coined one more title in my mind called “Da, Da and Da”, which means Damyatta (mastering thoughts), Datta ( give), Dayadhavam ( kindness)

Q: After “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice” what can we expect from you in the future?

A: I am working on my second book which is about unconditional Love and its beautiful nuances. The tile is “Love is simple but why Men are so complex”

Q: Is “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice” inspired from real life events or is completely fictional?

A: Every word written in the book is from the bottom of my heart. The book is indeed inspired from own self realization of the ultimate purpose of human life.

Q: Other than writing, what else do you do professionally?

A: I am Chief Marketing Officer at a leading start up called Little App.  I also paint and love to dance.

Q: How long did it take you to write “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice”?

A: It took me approximately an year to finish the book. This includes my extensive research in ancient scriptures and sculptures in India and other Asia pacific countries.

Q: Which moment inspired you to take up writing?

A: My own moment of truth when I realized the purpose of my ‘own’ life.  And my decision to tread the path of truthfulness, love, compassion and living fearlessly no matter what. I wanted to take this message to millions. Believe you me, this is the most meaningful work of my life. It seems worth living this life.

Q: Is there a reason that your book focuses on “Being kind and compassionate”?

A: Yes because that is the foundation for a liberated and beautiful life. How can one be at peace if he/she is not kind by heart and mind.

Q: Do you read as much as you write? Which are your favorite books?

A: I am ferocious reader. I read all kinds of books, however my favorite is Upanishads and Yoga Vashishta. Each verse has so much depth that you can spend a month just reading one page and soak yourself in the wisdom achieved.

Q: If a Bollywood movie is made based on “It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice”, who do you think should play the lead characters?

A: I am already working on it. Lets see how it shapes up. I would imagine Parineeti Chopra as the lead here.

Q: Writers block, have you ever faced it? How did you come out of it?

A: I indeed faced challenges but they were experiences and I came out of it quite easily as if it was all destined to happen this way.

Q: Two things that you like and dislike the most about being kind and nice?

A: I love everything about being nice and kind. This is my inner character. I also feel being nice may not reflect immediate gains but in a long run that is the only way to be at peace in this chaotic world.

Q: You prefer reading e-books or you love the traditional paper/hard back books?

A: I belong to the traditional lot where my book sleeps with me, next to my pillow, has to be hard copy…. e-books don’t go well with me….!

Q: Other than writing, what are your other interests?

A: Other than painting/writing and dancing. I am also crazy science buff.  I am doing bit of my own research in connecting space sciences, quantum physics and spiritual world.

Q: How does your family and friends react to your writing?

A: Well my friends and family are a great support and simply love all my extravaganzas. Though taking sabbatical from the corporate world for the book didn’t go very well with anyone.

Q: One message that you would want to convey to our readers?

A: Please love every experience and every person in your life. You will automatically start loving everything about yourself and will reach realm where inner joy is felt and no more “brought”

Q: How can our readers connect with you?

A: On my Facebook page or email me on [email protected]. My website is:

-- End of interview with author Amisha Sethi --

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