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Zahid Hussain (born 6 March 1972). Zahid Hussain, author of The Curry Mile , was born and raised in Lancashire. His family moved from Blackburn to Manchester in 1990 where he has lived ever since.  Zahid Hussain is a former North West Poetry Slam champion and has performed at venues such as Manchester's Green Room and the Contact Theatre and has regularly featured on BBC Radio. His first novel, The Curry Mile , is set in Manchester. The novel tells the tale of a Pakistani family in the restaurant trade and he bravely explores issues as diverse as diaspora, identity, gender politics and intergenerational conflict.

 New Statesman magazine named The Curry Mile as one of their Books of the Year for 2006. Zahid Hussain works as a social entrepreneur, specialising in community based research, regeneration and development. In 2006 he set up the first BME football league in Manchester. He is currently working to develop youth based electronic gaming, a tour of diversity and EcoMosque. He is available for readings, workshops and consultancy.




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