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Luke Coutinho believes in natural health and fitness, and in achieving the same through simple, uncomplicated methods. His clients range from CEO’s, MD’s, company presidents, celebrities, entrepreneur’s and businessmen to priests, nuns, social workers, the less fortunate and the people who need guidance and motivation to get fit and stay motivated. This diverse mix of clientele is spread globally across New York, Canada, Europe, Far East and India. He has been successful in coaching people on general fitness, wellness and lifestyle, and in the fields of weight-loss, adult and child obesity.

Luke is tied up with several NGO’s and educates children and parents on basics of nutrition to help combat rising malnutrition numbers. His passion towards educating people about cancer and other diseases has got him currently involved with renowned hospitals in the U.S, for research and procurement of natural foods and papaya brews to prevent and aid in the cure of cancer. Luke has been working with IBM GPS for over 8 years and his work experience includes India, Dubai, Qatar, Belgium, New York and the UK.

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