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“Dr. Shailendra Priyadarshi has worked in different capacities in both the Government and Private sector with great success providing great service in all the departments he has worked. Starting as a Medical Officer to Chief Medical Officer(Selection Grade), Assistant Commandant to Commandant(Medical) in different organizations he is presently working as a Consultant and Advisor to different companies with outstanding results.

He is a B.Sc(Hons.),with MBAs from two institutions of repute(IIBM &JU), besides having an MBBS, and MD(Chest Medicine) with an M.Phil, and Ph. D from BITS_Pilani and associated centers of Excellence.

He has been well guided by a host of extremely talented and revered Scholars/Teachers/Advisors from different fields of study. It is worth mentioning the invaluable contributions of Dr.(Mrs) P.K. Prasad, Mr. S.N. Prasad, Mrs. Aruna Sahay, Mr. S.N. Sahay and family members, Shri Gyan Ranjan, and family members Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Mr. A.C. Negi, Dr. Nirupama Prakash, Dr. Ravi Prakash, Dr. Neera Dhar, Dr. C.R. Roy, Dr. Chakraborthy, Dr. A.B. Balsara, Dr. J. Tripathy, Dr. S.K. Verma, Mr. Saurabh, and family members, Mr. Praveer and family members, Mrs. Babita, Akshay, and a host of known and unknown dignitaries.

The grace of the Almighty Father, Lord Sai, Queen Mother et al is well emphasized in this work to come to fruition for the benefit of all.”


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