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Tushar Sen makes his entry into the budding fraternity of Bankers turning into Writers with his maiden attempt – Pandora’s Box. He lives in Mumbai and can be reached at sen.tushar@hotmail.com or followed @tusharsarojsen on twitter.



June 9, 2016

‘..a good writer needs to be imaginative and that which can be imagined can be put on canvas too..’ Says the author Tushar sen

Hello everyone,

I would like to welcome the author Tushar Sen, who has won the heart of bookworms with his debut book Pandora’s Box. 

1. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers and your journey from a banker to a writer?

Well, hello everyone, I’m Tushar Sen, the author of Pandora’s Box. I can be reached on my twitter handle twitter.com/tushasarojsen or my website panbox.in. It is my first book and I hope you guys liked it as much as my interviewer did. I was always a writer, banking happened on the way for bread butter and jam.

2. Why did you choose to become a writer or did it just happen by accident?

As master Oogway states “there are no accidents,” and writing for me wasn’t an accident either. I’ve been writing since adolescence, surprisingly most of them used to get published in college magazines, but as I grew up so did the number of rejections from publishing houses. The awards that came my way kept me motivated to write despite the rejections.

3. Why did you début with short stories instead of a novel?

I must admit that the primary reason was convenience; I had already written quite a few short stories for different contests. Secondary reason of course was to test if the world is ready for the awesomeness of my full fledged novel.

4.Your favorite author and favorite books/novels.

I adore Jhumpa Lahiri for her flawless writing, apparently she makes over 500 drafts for each of her books. I admire Amitav Ghosh, Rohinton Mistry and Salman Rushdie for their extraordinary narration.

Shantaram, Illusions, The Fountainhead, How to kill a mockingbird, First Light and Those Days are some of my favorite books.

5. If you have to dedicate this book to one person then who would it be?

I would dedicate this book to my grand father who taught me that whenever I feel lazy I should remind myself that Anuradha (my competitor in school) must be working hard. I still push myself from bed at 5am saying “come on man, Anuradha must be working.”

6. What are the perks of being a writer?

A writer is an entrepreneur, and like every entrepreneur he gets to do what he likes rather than take instructions from ignorant corporate robots. There’s no perk greater than the freedom to do what you like.

7. Your book is a mixture of various perspectives. From where did you derive ideas for those?

Everyone gets these perspectives everyday, we can be but partially acquainted with the events which actually influence our course through life, and our final destiny. There are innumerable other events, if such they may be called, which come close upon us, yet pass away without actual results, or even betraying their near approach, by the reflection of any light or shadow across our minds. I felt compelled to write about those things no one would write about coz we take for granted whatever is in abundance.

8. What is the best compliment you have received for your book so far?

I have received the best compliments from you and a high profile client of my bank Ms Promila Ayengar

9. Tell us about the happiest moment of your life.

May be it was when my book ranked no. 3 on amazon.com sometime back.

10. Apart from writing, what are you other hidden passions?

Creative pursuits are interlinked, a good writer needs to be imaginative and that which can be imagined can be put on canvas too, different creative perspectives when seen through a pin-hole can develop into good pictures. Ergo, on weekends I paint and click pictures too.

11. What is the hardest and easiest part of writing?

Easiest part is zero physical activity and hardest part or rather parts are to pen down what you can imagine, and to not literally translate your thoughts in native language to English.

12. Who inspires you most in your life?

The story of Jack London is really inspiring, as an author he took 600 rejections in his stride. This field is all about handling rejections and moving forward, till you find someone who believes in your work and publishes it.

13. Tell us about your future projects.

I am currently working on a romantic novel set in 1949 in Calcutta. The story line is different because it defies social norms at every stage.

14. A billion dollar advice for aspiring writers.

Before you set out to submit your work to publishers you should have corrected at least 100 draft of your manuscript.

Thank you Mr. Tushar Sen, It was a pleasure to interview you!

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