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Many decades ago, Shobna chanced upon a book on research findings about babies. Babies learn to smile by mapping their face to their parents’, within days of birth. Soon they are mapping their bodies, making logical sequences and much more. When she had a child of her own, she observed that not only was this true, but elders were well aware. That was why they maintained a peaceful atmosphere around the young. The infant makes connections, trying to understand the world. All the time. That’s how they develop a sense of control of their surroundings. To understand a child’s mind, one has to be a child. They have to see the world anew, see each flower and every ant. All it needs is love. Considering the important but hidden processes the mind is undergoing when news of violence against the young appeared through different channels, Shobna felt a need to tell the world to stop. To wait. To observe. Not to raise a hand. To love. But it’s complicated. The meaning of love varies, sometimes confusion reigns. Shobna is based in Mumbai. She worked as an HR professional for seventeen years before she began to write first a myth then the stories. The stories are gleaned from personal experience and observation and leave people to make their own connections. It took long years to complete. There was much to tell.


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