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Kevin Missal is a 21 year old graduate from St. Stephen’s College, who has written four novels till now ranging from crime to mythology to horror. He had written his first book at the age of 14, which was released by the Chief Minister of Delhi. His second book was written at the age of 16 and was published by a British indie-press.

He is a pioneer in writing the World’s First InstaRead and is a bestseller on Amazon under horror category. He is also the co-owner and co-founder of Kalamos Literary Services, which publishes and promotes fledgling writers to make a mark in the literary industry. He currently lives in Delhi and you can contact him on:


Author Interview with Kevin Missal

Booklovergrishma November 29, 2018

Young India is experiencing a new range of talented authors.Stories they make, and stories we read, make the entire writing industry a blissful one. Books have forever been humans’ favourite and most loyal companions. The evolution in the writing industry saw many new genres like – thrillers, romance, murder mysteries, etc. Among these, one of the most adored genre is Mythology.

Many authors attempted writing in this genre and among these, many are now successful and bestselling authors of the country. One such dynamic author is Kevin Missal, the author of a very famous book series called KALKI.

Kevin Missal is a 22 year old who has graduated from St. Stephen’s College. He is the author of the national bestseller Dharmayoddha Kalki – Avatar of Vishnu (Book 1 in the Kalki Trilogy) published by Fingerprint Publishing, which has received praise from many newspapers such as Millennium Post and Sunday Guardian. These authors have named the book as 2017’s mythological phenomenon.
The upcoming part of the book is Satyayoddha Kalki – Eye of Brahma (Book 2 in the Kalki Trilogy).
Apart from writing books, Kevin loves reading and watching films. He is currently living in New Delhi.

In an interview with Kevin Missal, he spoke about himself and his books:

Ques 1. What inspired you to be a writer? How was your family’s response when you revealed the idea to them?
Kevin – I was a big reader and I read a lot of unabridged classics. I also read Percy Jackson and that fueled my love for fantasy.
My family was very supportive and loved it. They always believed in me, more than even I did.

Ques 2. What can readers expect from your upcoming book ‘KALKI – Part 2’?
Kevin –Lot of action, interesting subplots, twists and turns. And the mystery of Kali’s past.

Ques 3. What type of environment do you prefer while writing stories?
Kevin – Silent.

Ques 4. Which is your favorite character from the book KALKI?
Kevin – Arjan.

Ques 5. What are your hobbies apart from writing? And what makes you go on in the field of writing?

Kevin – I don’t have much hobbies. I like video games and I read books. The field of writing is where I feel fulfilled and where I feel I can go according to my pace and feel good about it.

I’m thankful to Kevin Missal for being so cooperative and patiently answering all my questions.

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