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Dr. Sumana Chakraborty is one such woman, who has been playing multiple roles in her life relating to her skills and talents, to explore all she knows and believes to pour it out in her book of guide. Dr. Sumana is from Kolkata and a practicing Dentist, researcher, and Certified Trainer by profession and a dancer by passion. She loves to help and guide people to put their best foot forward in her venture named AskSarathi, which she co-founded to provide a better learning and writing service. Dr. Sumana has been an atheist her entire life, who believes that there is nothing greater than human strength, skills, and capabilities. She highly values time and believes in living each moment happily with a smile, and practices even to smile with good memories in bad times. She has been a friend, mentor, guide to all her friends, students, trainees, and family, and is always ready to help people out. --This text refers to the paperback edition.


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