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Viji is an educationist by profession. One of the reasons for her successful stint as a teacher was her story-telling sessions which her students looked forward to. Their keen interest in her stories led to her writing, a passion that she discovered a few years back. Viji loves to tell stories about the essence of human nature and the role it plays in larger social issues. She takes keen interest in discussions on international disputes, climate change issues and conflicts of human rights.

Her first work, based on a popular television show, garnered 113k views, 6k likes and almost 300 comments on digital platforms. Her other publishing credits include, “Tempest Love” & “Wild Summer Echoes” which garnered overwhelming reader response.

Viji believes that there is a story in every house, every village and every town. Her dream is to write novels that represent the vibrant heritage of every state in India. Capturing the varied cultures and weaving their richness together to create stories is her aspiration.

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