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Arpit Vageria is the bestselling author of You Are My Reason to SmileBe My Perfect Ending and I Still Think about You.

Tata Motors made a documentary featuring Arpit to inspire young generation to read interesting stories.

Arpit also writes scripts for shows and award functions like India's Best Dramebaaz, Sabse Bada Kalakar, IIFA Awards and Indian Idol. 


An Interview with Author Arpit Vageria

June 24, 2016 By Hiten Vyas —Leave a Comment

We’re very excited to welcome a special guest to e-Books India. His name is Arpit Vageria and he is an author based in Mumbai. Continue reading to learn about Arpit, his work and his latest book entitled I Still Think about You.

Please tell us about you. Where are you from? What is your professional background and how did you become an author?

I have done my Management Studies before working for corporates like Times of India. I hail from Indore and now that my profession restricts me to live in Mumbai, I’ve been living here for some years now. For the last three years, I am a television writer who writes Fiction, Non-Fiction shows and award functions as well.

What types of books do you write?

I like to write observational and relatable romantic thriller stories. I believe when we write for a commercial genre like Romance, it’s very important to have that connect with the audience. Hence, I try and keep my stories very real.

3.1-smallCould you please tell us about your most recent book, its overall plot, and the main characters in it?

I Still Think about You is a story of love, brotherhood, passion, dedication, pain and the depths to which a heart can go to win back lost love.

Aamir, Dhruv, Anvi and Sachi are the main characters in the story.

Here’s the blurb: Aamir has never met anyone who understands him better than Anvi. But her passion for investigative journalism scares him no end. She is calling while reporting from a crime scene and promising to switch to anchoring when he hears a gunshot. Will she be able to fulfil her promise?

Dhruv can do anything to please Vratika, for he seems bound to her for life. They have been going steady for a while and he feels she brings smiles and light to his life like no other. Can one misunderstanding in a moment of anger finish it all?

For Aamir, little Dhruv is the best gift life has given him. More than just brothers, they are the beginning and end of their family. After years, struggles and pain are slowly fading away in the face of happier times. But one phone call changes their entire life.

Life throws Aamir and Dhruv in a vortex of pain, loss and guilt. While Dhruv wanders for redemption, he meets Sachi. She reads his heart, soothes his soul and brings him face to face with his real self.

Are you working on any other books(s)? If so, can you please tell us what we can expect to see from you in the future?

I am half way through and I am already in love with the storyline. You can expect a very different but realistic storyline in this. This has probably been the toughest book that I’ve ever written as I am trying to show everyone’s point of view in this story.

Can you please tell us about your approach to writing? For example, do you follow structures and writing rules? Or do you write in a free flow way? Do you have any particular time of the day you like to write? Or any specific environment you prefer to sit down and write in?

I travel a lot across the country and world. It helps me in getting newness in my writing, it keeps me afresh. I think no creative person can give his/her best if put into ropes of structures or rules but yes, I try and read lots to be a better writer. I wouldn’t call it target but I generally write about 2,000 words on a daily basis and completely cut it off if I don’t like my own writing the next day.

Do you have any favourite authors? If so, who are they and what do you like about their work?

Cecelia Ahern, Nicholas Sparks and Betty Mahmoody. There’s one common thing when you read their work. Their stories and screenplays are so interesting that you pick and choose a character for yourself and you just become one of the characters in the book. You live the book, you live a new life.

What other things do you like to get up to when you’re not writing?

I travel, I meet my old friends and dream about being a billionaire.

How can people find out more about you?

They can follow me here for regular updates:

Mail id- [email protected]

Facebook page:



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