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Tia is a 15-year-old poet and the author of the collection of poems, ‘Every Why Has a Whereof.’ A budding young adult, she publishes her work on online writing sites such as Wattpad and Scrawled Stories.


Her book of poems, which was self-published on Amazon in various regions, has been selling since December 2019, and has opened a new window for her. Through her writing, Tia looks to moving readers emotionally, and her pieces carry a different meaning for different readers. She loves the thrill of writing and pulling readers into her stories. The little details in her woven words are there to catch the reader off-guard and move the plot bit-by-bit.


In her limited free time, she can be found working on her upcoming novel, EXPOSED, or writing poems and short stories.


Her idea of love is based on the rather famous quote from Stephen Chboksy’s novel, “We accept the love we think we deserve,” though she feels that for a person to be fully loved, they have to first love themself.


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