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Dr Christopher Snedden is a politico-strategic analyst specializing in South Asia. Currently, he works as a consultant in his own consultancy (ASIA CALLING),

which specializes in providing information about South Asia, and for Deakin University as the Director of the Master of Arts (Strategic Studies) program offered by the university at the Centre for Defense and Strategic Studies, Canberra.

Dr Snedden also teaches a postgraduate unit, 'Strategic Issues in South Asia', for Deakin and an undergraduate history unit, 'Modern India', at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.  

He has a Bachelor of Arts (Russian and Politics) and a PhD from La Trobe University, Melbourne, and has worked on South Asian matters for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Joint (now Defense) Intelligence Organization.

His research interests include India-Pakistan relations, Pakistan politics, and Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Azad Kashmir.


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