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Chaitanya Suri is a marketer by profession and a writer by passion. After a few freelance gigs as a short story writer and a screenwriter, he decided to prosper his writing journey with his first novel, Everyone Gets a Second Chance. In this novel, Suri accentuates that it takes time to see success and that everyone goes through an inevitable journey. He also highlights the need for help and a support system to see through tough times, especially for those going through mental health issues.

Chaitanya Suri is an alumnus of Amity University with an MBA in International Business and Marketing. He has over ten years of corporate experience as a marketer working for many companies, from Fortune 100 to start-ups.

Chaitanya is an ardent cricket lover who spends his free time gardening and going on road trips. He is married to Sahithi, and the couple lives in Hyderabad.


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