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‘Kainaz J’ who is known for her blog and social-media handle - ‘Chai with Kai’ - is also an author, international flight attendant, anchor and social-media influencer.

Her book ‘Coffee Days Champagne Nights’ was a best-seller in 2017.

She has won four awards since then that have recognised her for her ‘story-telling skills and digital achievements.’

She has also been a journalist, a popular columnist and has written and contributed to several anthologies.

Kainaz is also a creative strategist who has over 20 k followers on social-media .

She loves writing about human emotions and sketches stories that touch the heart. She believes in taking her readers through a roller-coaster ride.

In her free time if any, Kainaz shoots her self-made lifestyle videos for her YouTube channel ‘Chai with Kai’ and on Igtv Instagram.

Her definition of Love is as mysterious as her own life. She describes it as a four-letter paradox: ‘Love is conditionally Unconditional.’


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