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SAAMDU CHETRI was born in a cowshed, in remote Bhutan. He grew up with animals, plants and insects. When he was nine, his father took him to school, but deciding that his son could not survive without milk, he brought the cow to school as well.

Saamdu’s dream was to be a farmer and teacher, a rare combination. He did indeed become both. He worked as a farmer, first at home, then in Australia and Switzerland. In 2018, he joined the teaching faculty at IIT Kharagpur. Saamdu strongly believes that deep passions in life do come true if we have the right intentions.

All his life he has maintained the disciplines learnt in childhood – going to bed early and waking at 4 a.m., for his morning meditation, exercises, chores and then working for three hours before going to teach. He has been a keen sportsman, and his sprint record still stands. He taught himself many survival skills, including those of tailor, barber, plumber and electrician. He has been named among 100 prominent people of Bhutan.

Saamdu believes that every moment of life is beautiful, but we must train ourselves to be fully present.


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