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Vijay N. Shankar is a New Delhi-based writer who has spent a his adult life working in the domains of journalism and creative writing. He has been a war correspondent; an investigative reporter for national newspapers such as the Indian Express and the Statesman; a correspondent for the National Enquirer, USA; and for the Toronto Star, Canada.

He has scripted films on Indian culture and philosophy for the Ministry of External Affairs and for television. Since his retirement as a newspaper editor, he has been a full-time writer and has authored two books of poetry: Rusted Laughter and The Other Time. His works of fiction include a collection of short stories: The Music Man; and the notable novel: Storm In Kashmir. His non-fiction work features the well-received coffee-table edition, The Golden Temple ~ A Gift to Humanity.

When Shankar was put on dialysis some time ago, he quickly discovered that there was a general lack of correct Information on side-effects; dietery awareness; as well as problem-management, connected chronic kidney disease and dialysis. Though there are thousands of people on dialysis in India, there is a woeful lacuna regarding publications which guide and inform patients.

Doctors and other professionals connected with dialysis treatment and care are often too busy to spend extended time on the information process of individual patients. This book is a personal account of Shankar s own dialysis experience and is intended to help the many others who must live with the same condition.


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